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For your own personal safety and general hygiene purposes, [and to a tiny degree, for our sanity:)]

  • Please wear closed-toe shoes (i.e. sneakers, tennis shoes, etc.). No slippers, flip flops and sandals, please
  • T-shirts must have sleeves and one that you would not mind getting stains on it. No tank tops, please
  • Bermudas, culottes, tights, etc, allowed as long as they are at or below the knee. No short shorts please.

Just as you would not like to see any stain of hair or any inedible in your food, our beneficiaries do not appreciate them too! These * items will be provided for you in the kitchen.

  • You MUST put on a *disposable hair net while in the kitchen. Please ensure that hair is tucked neatly into the net like this, otherwise, there is little point in putting on a hair net.
  • The use of *gloves IS required when handling food, except at the vegetable
  • To prevent stains on on your clothes, aprons is highly recommended – Please bring your own apron. 
  • NO jewellery, please! Not even earrings, bracelets and rings. Remember about not liking to find inedible items in our food? … enough said.


Extracted from NEA’s Food Hygiene Practices & Guidelines

  1. Do not work when feeling unwell. Seek medical attention immediately.
  2. Wear a mask at all times and avoid coughing and sneezing near food.
  3. Avoid touching the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair or skin when handling food.
  4. Wash your hands with soap before handling food, after using the toilet, and after coughing and sneezing. Work up a good lather, paying attention to fingers, nails, and back of the hand. Dry hands using paper towels or hand dryers. Please view NEA’s Importance of Proper Hand Washing Video
  5. DO NOT handle food with bare hands. Use gloves or utensils.
  6. Keep fingernails short and clean and not put on nail polish or fake fingernails. Bacteria harbored under fingernails can get into food when fingernails come into contact with food. Bacteria will multiply and contaminate food. Do not wear rings and other accessories that might trap dirt.
  7. Volunteers should wash hands after visits to the toilet, between tasks, and after handling raw meat, poultry, seafood, and eggs.
  8. Volunteers should wash hands in hand washing sink, not dishwashing sink or food prep sink.
  9. Volunteers should not handle food if sick or struck with any illness, or has any open cuts or lesions. Cover all wounds and cuts on your hands with waterproof plasters.
  10. Wear clean attire.
  11. Keep hair and beard neat and tidy. Long hair should be tied up using hair restraints such as caps or bands.
  12. Floors, tables, and equipment, and other food contact surfaces should be cleaned and sanitized after every use.
  13. Walls and other surfaces that don’t have direct contact with food products should be kept clean as necessary.
  14. Practice good refuse management. All garbage should be bagged and disposed properly.
  15. Cleaning supplies and other toxic materials should be stored in a manner that keeps them safe from food production areas.
  16. Any broken equipment or building maintenance issues should be reported to WH staff as soon as possible to avoid delays or unsafe conditions.
  17. Smoking are not allowed on the premises at any time.
  18. Pets are not allowed on the premises at any time.


  1. Volunteers should follow all safety and use protocols when using the kitchen equipment. Failure to do so could result in injury, loss of product, breakage, delays, and loss of ability to use equipment.
  2. Equipment should be cleaned after every use as thoroughly as all surfaces and workstations.
  3. All tools, surfaces, utensils and equipment should be properly cleaned and sanitized before starting any task.


NO photography and/or videography allowed, with immediate effect, within the soup kitchen and at all distribution points, without the written permission from the management of Willing Hearts.

We have received feedback from beneficiaries and volunteers concerning photos and video taken. Some have expressed that consideration be given and consent sought to safeguard and respect both beneficiaries and volunteers alike. We seek cooperation and understanding so that we can create a positive and meaningful environment for all.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!


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